Strings are an internationally acclaimed Pakistani pop rock band composed of two members, plus four live band members from Karachi, Pakistan. The band was initially formed by four college students—Bilal Maqsood (vocals and guitars), Faisal Kapadia (vocals), Rafiq Wazir Ali (synthesizer) and Kareem Bashir Bhoy (bass guitar)—in 1988. In 1992 the quartet disbanded, only to make a comeback with Maqsood and Kapadia in 2000. While the initial band rode the new wave of Pakistani pop music, the later lineup ushered a revival in the Pakistani music industry.
Faisal Kapadia – Vocals
Bilal Maqsood – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Adeel Ali – Lead Guitar
Haider Ali – Keyboards
Aahad Nayani – Drums
Bradley D’Souza – Bass